Best 3D Offers – Microgaming High Stake Casinos and MTW

This article is dedicated to the new 3D technology that gained huge popularity in the 2000s. Due to this modern approach, we have an opportunity to compare online gaming and gambling, as two wonderful kinds of entertainment. We are going to talk about how this technology is used in Microgaming casinos for high rollers and what was its influence on the Medieval: Total War game’s fame.

Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics

Three-dimensional computer graphics represent the most realistic appearance of various objects. Both 2D and 3D images are created by the same set of algorithms, but special lighting and other effect give a more holistic look at the second variant.

William Fetter invented 3D graphics in 1961 when he was designing details for Boeing. After that, an animation of a human face and hand was created in 1972 at the University of Utah. However, the technology was introduced to the usual households only a decade later.


Modeling is the basic step that goes into the creation of a three-dimensional image. An engineer makes a draft of a future thing he/she wants to get either via special computer programs or via scanning real objects. After that, he/she forms a needed shape from vertices and fills it in with structured polygons.

MTW and Microgaming High Roller Casinos with 3D

Lay Out and Animation

Created models must be laid out in their places before the final rendering. After that, an engineer adapts their location and size, as well as adds various motion effects.


Rendering is the final step that basically consists of simulating models by a light transport or an art style. This is performed by special graphics software, which turns a two-dimensional draft into a powerful 3D image.

Microgaming 3D and Virtual Reality for High Roller Casinos

Microgaming is the most progressive and innovative software developer that is not afraid to enhance gamblers’ experiences with 3D technologies. The company was even awarded on ICE Totally Gaming Show in 2016 for its superior content. The next step the provider wants to take is to introduce Oculus Rift, an exclusive device that projects a live stream. So, in Microgaming casinos, high rollers will be able to access a bunch of unique games and bonuses, which are represented down below.

VR Roulette

The newest entertainment that the gambling industry had never seen before September 2015 is called Virtual Reality Roulette. This fun was named revolutionary at the Global Gaming Awards since it utilizes new 3D VR technology. After a player successfully placed his/her Oculus Rift headset, he/she is able to start the exciting arcade with a friendly robot that acts as a croupier. The headphones will help to avoid distraction and fully engage in your game. The rules are not any different from standard European regulations.

3D Technology at Microgaming High Limit Casinos and MTW

Online Slots

Microgaming has already managed to launch a bunch of 3D slots that become more and more popular. Their advantages are awesome graphics and sound quality, as well as adventurous scenery. The most popular ones are Hot as Hades and Sterling Silver. The last one features no animations and focuses only on 3D technology, which can be enjoyed with special glasses. If you do not have them, you can switch to a 2D mode.

MTW 3D Battlefields

Medieval: Total War was released 15 years ago, however, for now, this game has found fans from all over the world. It focuses on warfare in European, North African, and the Middle Eastern countries, and enables players to take part in various battles and build their own strategy. 3D vision is the distinctive feature that makes the process more natural. Players are able to see landscapes, villages, and castles from different sides and improve their tactics. However, the most important point here is realistic battlefields.