With Viking blood, the people of the North have come to dominate the world. Masters of the sea, invincible on land, indomitable in spirit, favoured by God, how could they not create a mighty empire? No corner of the world has not felt the force of their power. Sometimes they went in search of plunder, sometimes for trade, sometimes to settle, but always with the spirit of true Vikings. Not all pay homage to the Kings of the Danes but their swords have remade the world.

Rulers of a green and pleasant land, the Kings of England grew rich and powerful in their island kingdom and their people were prosperous and merry. The sea served as a moat and their ships as wooden walls, protecting all from invasion. From their royal seat in London, they also ruled many lands beyond the sea while their navies ranged far across the oceans, bringing the rich bounty of the world to their doors.

Heirs to Charlemagne, the Kings of France rival his ancient greatness. Ringed around by enemies and afflicted with disunity at home, they have overcome these difficulties, smashed their enemies on the field of battle and forged a new nation! A nation that once more can be the leader of Europe, the defender of Christendom and usher in a new age of progress and enlightenment.

Claiming the heritage of Charlemagne and claiming the heritage of Rome, the Holy Roman Empire dominates central Europe and its power is felt in many lands beyond. Ruling a land of petty princes and prosperous cities, the Kaiser defends the lands of his empire against heathen and heretic alike – his power cows the infidel and no jealous Christian prince dares to challenge him. Hail to the new Caesar!

The new Italy is a shining example of modernity. Its once divided cities have united in a mighty state for the common good. Under its protection people enjoy their lives in peace. Their armies and navies bring security, their trade brings wealth and luxury and their mastery of art and literature brings them enjoyment. This is an oasis of light in a dark world and it is here that civilization is reborn.

In the land between Europe and Africa, between the calmness of the middle sea and the stormy ocean, was founded the Kingdom of Spain. Reclaiming their land from the infidel invaders, they forged a strong kingdom “that never again would be overrun. Steadfast in religion, humble before God, they could be proud before lesser men. Their great ships voyaged far, seeking out new lands and trade, such that the wealth of the King of Spain became rightly legendary.

Just as with their forefathers in Rome, the power and glory of the emperors of Byzantium shines forth like a beacon. Some lands are directly under their sway. In others their name is whispered with awe. For more than a thousand years, since Rome was lost to the barbarians, the city of Constantine and its empire has stood as an island of civilization in a cruel and barbarous world. Long may it endure!

In the centre only the strong survive. In a land with few defensible borders, beset by enemies, survival itself is victory. To survive and prosper, to have your enemies cower before you, to claim your place in the annals of history: this is victory indeed!

Theirs is a new land, a land of vast empty spaces, a land of the harshest kind, surrounded by many barbarous peoples. In a land that would have broken lesser men, the Russians not only survived but prospered. Their Tsars carved out a great state, mighty in military power and civilization. Conquerors and builders both, their names are feared and admired in equal measure.

On the western fringes of Africa and Europe, the Khalifah rules over a pleasant and bountiful kingdom. Their citizens excel at the arts and sciences. Its scholars keep great libraries; its architects raise great palaces, and create pleasant gardens. The leaders of the Kingdom follow the teachings of Islam, revealed through the Quran and the Sunnah, as do many of their people. Even the barbarous Christians of the north cannot but be awed by the wealth and grandeur of this land.

And so it came to pass that on the very banks of the Nile where civilization itself had begun so many years before, a new civilization arose. Its rulers were mighty and with the blessing of Allah’s, their armies went forth and smote the infidels, keeping all  their lands safe for the people of the Faith. And as in days of yore, all men were in awe of the wealth and glory of their kingdom.

Their ancestors came from the centre of Asia, bringing with them their flocks of sheep. With their nomadic ferocity, they quickly overran the settled peoples in the lands they now own. Combining the crafts of the cities with their own traditions of warfare, the Turkish army became a formidable weapon – winning many victories and creating a great empire. The Sultan’s rule now extends over many lands and spreads the glory of the religion of Islam throughout them.