Medieval: Total War Mods and Patches

Everyone at least once in his life has played computer games. All of them are different according to the categories: strategies, adventures, role-playing, actions, simulations and many others. But, at the same time, they all have a common goal – to attract as many admirers as possible. Nowadays, the list of the plays is so huge, that it’s can be difficult to choose the most appropriate.

mods and patches for medieval total warIn 2001 The Creative Assembly company released a strategic game Medieval: Total War, which became popular in a short time.

Today, there are several versions of this play designed for various audiences. Software developers always create different modifications with diverse interfaces, locations, and options in order to maintain an interest of users.


A lot of fans of “Medieval: Total War” encountered with such notion as a patch. While writing code, programmers sometimes make mistakes that don’t always come out after testing. Very often some flaws and bugs appear in the gaming process. Therefore, IT specialists invent additional files.

The patches are not only for the elimination of such inaccuracies but also for implementation of any changes, updates of the game. The patches can be of two types:

  • Installation file. It works after the .exe file is launched. The program will apply modifications automatically;
  • Archive. A set of files that has to be copied into the game folder for the old settings substitution.

Patch 1.1: For the US and European versions of MTW

The list of additional options was added to the US and European version of Medieval: Total War. It concerns game handling: more letters on a keyboard were assigned for particular actions; more command and messages were complemented. The compatibility with different video cards (Millennium G400 and Radeon 7200) that causes graphical faults, such as unnecessary lines and bars, were fixed with the help of Patch 1.1. For comfortable playing, developers made improvements both for single players and multiple ones.

Patch 2.01: For Viking Invasion

mtw modes and patches

Patch 2.01: For Viking Invasion concerns to the general modifications, namely to the bugs fixing and particular commands elimination, which helps to avoid unfair privilege. There are also corrections for single campaigns, such as the lifetime of the main characters. The multiplayer game implies the appearance of absolutely all characters. The bug that deleted a player after quitting the session was also fixed.

Patch 2.01: For the Gold Edition

Patch 2.01: For the Gold Edition comes with updates. It’s preferable for players to make a backup of the old version and be aware that the new one will be automatically installed on a system disk C.


Modifications (Mods) are additional program applications to the game, usually created by fans in order to improve or change gaming options according to the player’s desire. The global mods can completely change heroes, strategy, and mission. Expansions, as a subtype of mods, can vary the idea of the play, adding new possibilities.

patches and mods in mtw

Modifications should be installed to the correct folder if the player is sure that this is really necessary. Here is the list of mods for the MTW:

  • Fraction – designed for version 2.0. Allows playing for previously unavailable factions in all countries;
  • Redux – offers new maps and units from 700 to 1,260 AD;
  • XL – presents new heroes, units, expanded maps and more factions;
  • Game of Thrones – enhances sub-mod- for Westeros: Total War version 5.03;
  • BKB Super Mod – has 27 factions, more than 170 units, new maps, buildings, and agents. It’s much more advanced than the XL mod;
  • Samurai Warlord 8 – has 24 Japanese clans, 60 provinces. It was designed for MTW Viking Invasion v2.01;
  • Hellenistic Total War special – for those who would like to play in the Hellenistic era;
  • Napoleonic Total War – additional events, that are taking place in the Napoleonic era with an appropriate interface. New maps, campaigns, and units are an advantage;
  • Pike and Musket – some more new events, that are taking place from the 1480s to the 1700s AD with new and exclusive units;
  • Ancient Mod – the campaign is conducted in the ancient times when Punic wars occurred. The same as previous mods, this one has a lot of new units, factions, and appropriate maps;
  • WesMod – has renewed graphics, units, and maps. There is nothing special in it, but interesting to play anyway.