Medieval: Total War Hints, Cheats and Codes

Many people use cheats while playing the games. Sure, if you play online with other people, then “cheater” will be a bad name, as you put yourself above the law and get the unequal advantage. But there is nothing immoral if you have fun against the Artificial Intelligence.

Usually, the game process is very exhausting, so players want to make it easier. Some people start modding, but it is a pretty complicated and laborious task. The best way to make a gameplay easier is to enter the secret codes. They will help to get endless money and resources, build the most powerful army, boost construction and economic growth, get rid of the fog of war and other things.

Hints for the Game

We shall describe some effective strategies of the empire management without any cheats. Based on our own gaming experience, these tips will help you to power up the levels of your faction. They are relevant for all nations.

The Best Way to Start

mtw cheats and codesAt the beginning of a game, each faction is neutral towards you, so there is no need to build a large army. The quality and quantity of your army depends on the economy.

That is why, it would be better to concentrate on the infrastructure. Build farms, mines, commercial buildings, which will produce income, resources and bring you a lot of morale. Then collect taxes. Research of the location is another important task to do. After that, it will be much easier to create and maintain the advanced army.

Fast Leveling

  • A fast way to train your assassins – is to create the cheap emissaries and then kill them. It is much simpler, faster and affordable than searching for enemies through the whole map.
  • Train the infantry. Make the peasants organize an insurrection in the low-loyalty province. Then send the troops to crush the rebellion. Well done, your soldiers have gained experience!
  • Level up inquisitors. Build a group of peasants and then burn them all in the flames of the Holy Inquisition! Good job!
  • Envoys, churchmen, and princesses upgrade. Become an ally with two feuding factions. Then identify a stronger side and try to enter into an alliance with another one. Your emissaries will get experience if the king accepts your offer.

How to Get More Money

Another way to increase your revenues is to set up an automatic system for the tax collection and building construction. To do this, use a colored map on the top of your screen with an arrow in the right corner. Click on it and you will see some options. You can find this mode among them. Then click again on the arrow to close the options. That’s all, a computer will automatically raise taxes and build structures in the next game year.

MTW Command Line Codes and Cheats

Now, look at the list of cheat codes:

  • .deadringer. – To get one million florins;
  • .matteosartori. – To get rid of the fog of war and disclose the whole map;
  • .badgerbunny. – To unlock all units and structures. Imagine that you can build an entire castle once you’ve just started a campaign;
  • .conan. – To play as rebels. The changes cannot be undone after activation;
  • .worksundays. – To speed up construction;
  • CTRL+0-9 – To change the faction;
  • Key “G” – To become invulnerable;
  • Key “A” – To use autorun;
  • .kidsmode. – To simplify gameplay;
  • .nuttermode. – To complicate the process (no alliances).

All provinces get:

  • .mefoundsomeau. – Gold;
  • .mefoundsomecu. – Cooper;
  • .viagra. – Iron;
  • .mefoundsomeag. – Silver.

How to Enter

You should enter the codes on your map while playing in a strategic mode.
Another great option is a debug mode. To play with it, you have to make some minor changes in the shortcut of the game. Click on it with the right button, then go to the properties, and find the object.

There should be such a line (depending on where the game is situated): “D:\Games\Medieval Total War\medieval_tw.exe”. Add “-ian” to this line.

It has to be like that: “D:\Games\Medieval Total War\medieval_tw.exe” -ian
Great, now you can start the campaign. You are allowed to do such things:

  • Press the key “G” to open the whole map with visibility of all units and regions.
  • Press the key “A” to activate autorun.
  • Hold shift and press the key “0” or “9” to change the faction you play.

Remember that these features work only in a single campaign if you play against the AI.

cheats and codes in mtw

Cheats Not Working

Sometimes troubles happen. If the debug mode does not launch, check if you put space before “-ian”, because without space the changes will not be saved. You must enter the cheats in the same way as they have been written above, considering dots before and after the letters.

Many players do not figure out how to enter the codes. Do not try to copy-paste them and do not search for a command line. You just have to click on the map (not that one on the top of the screen), where your provinces, buildings, and units are located. Then type the code manually on your keyboard. Excellent, you are ready to change the in-game reality!