Currently we only have one member of full time staff, which is myself. From time to time I have had articles wrote for me by friends……

I am currently looking to setup a small crew of dedicated and enthusiastic people who, as I do, enjoy the medieval period and MTW, and wish to give some of there free time to the community.

Name : Ian
Online Name : ShadesWolf
Time zone & Location : GMT
England: A small town called Hednesford. Which is approx 20 miles north of Birmingham.
Email :

ryan.goughh AT_SIGN

General Info : My main interest is football, which I enjoy watching, I am a keen Wolves fan, and have a home season ticket.
I work for a vehicle manufacturing company in Birmingham, as a Vehicle cost analyst in the Finance Dept.  I have worked for the company for eight years.
I am 33 years old, married and have one daughter.
I have been playing computer games since the mid 80’s.  I got into the Total War Series with the release of the demo for Shogun, and have been playing them ever since.  When MTW came along it just got better and better.