Forts, keeps, castles, citadels and fortresses are all refered to by the generic term of ‘castles’. Each level or type of castle can be upgraded twice by having extra defences such as improved outer curtain walls or better towers added to it.

There are five types of castles:
1. Fort (complete)
2. Keep (not yet started)
3. Castle (not yet started)
4. Citadel (not yet started)
5. Fortress (not yet started)


A fort is more than just a defensive structure. It is an important symbol of wealth and a base for controlling land.

A fort can hold a garrison of up to 240 men and as the local centre of power, creates the security that allows all early buildings to be constructed.

Construction Time : 4

Construction Cost : 400

Possible upgrades : (I) Fort and Motte. (II) Fort, Motte and Bailey

Prerequisite for : Bowyers+, Spearmaker+, Siege Engineer+ , Town Watch+, Trading Post, Royal Palace, Horse Farmer +

Training Facilities : Alone, enable the training of Peasants.


A Motte is a mound of earth that provides an improved defensive position for a fort.

With a cammanding position on top of its Motte, a fort is easier to defend and so the motte reduces the losses that a garrison suffers during a siege and also aids defence against assaults

Construction Time : 1

Construction Cost : 100

Possible upgrades : Fort, Motte and Bailey


A bailey improves a fort’s defences. It is alarge courtyard surrounded by a stout palisade, creating an extra defensive layer and a secure living area. Defenders can abandon the bailey and still fight on.

This ability to retreat within a fort is useful during sieges and assaults.

Construction Time : 1

Construction Cost : 100