Sponsorship Details is a rapidly growing website, used mainly by the Medieval Total War community.  We are not a commercial operation, and all funds raised will be put back into the site to allow it to grow and for maintenance.
We are currently looking for a main sponsor.  Our main sponsor will get their banner displayed just to the right of out main clan logo at the top of each page. This is in a prime position for any user to see. This deal will cost the sponsor £50 for a one year duration, and will be in the form of a donation to In return we offer free advertising on a site that has received 48,000 viewers in its first 12 months online .
We agree to keep the sponsors banner displayed throughout the period of the sponsorship. Funding is generally considered none returnable, except if we break the agreement with our sponsor.  We expect all banners to be suitable for viewing by minors, as the site is visited by children, also companies who sponsor us must be strictly legal in nature.  Any banners linking to a site that contains offensive, illegal in nature or pornographic material will be removed and no refund will be given.
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