Billmen Unit

The billhook was originally a farming tool, an axe-and-hook with a long handle. After it evolved into a weapon, it could hack, stab, or drag a man to his death. English Billmen are well trained in fighting against armoured and mounted soldiers, pulling knights or men-at-arms to their deaths!

The bill was derived from the agricultural tool of the same name. The shape was somewhat varied – some were more agricultural than others.

They can be used in individual hand-to-hand fighting

but make fearsome weapons when carried into battle by large numbers of billmenArmed with a variety of pole arms the Billman was generally to be found at the front lines of any battle. Billmen, like any soldier armed with a pole arm fought in blocks. A good block of men might be ten to twenty men wide (a rank), whilst the block itself could be three to five ranks deep. The front rank would be doing the bulk of the fighting with their bills held at waist to leg height, the second rank would is assisting with their bills held at shoulder height and protruding over the first rank. Other ranks generally waited ready to fill in gaps in the line. As the opposing bill blocks approached each other the front rank of each might raise their bills high ready to bring them crashing down on their opponent as the two blocks met.

There is little evidence to support whether or not 15th century bill blocks actually did drill in the same manner of their 16th & 17th century counterparts. Though because of the requirements of maneuvering units of men on the battlefield efficiently some drill must have been taught

billmen unit
Type Polearms Weapon Billhook Axe
Charge 2 Shield None
Defense 4 Horse Armour N/A
Morale 2 Faction England
Armour value None Cost 225
March Speed 6 Unit Size 60
Run Speed 10 Region Discount ????
Charge Speed 11 Period High

Tarrak’s Analysis:(OOOO)

It would be unfair for all other factions if these guys were available early in the game to the English faction.
They simply rule the battlefield against cavalry, even Late Ghulam Knights are felled in hordes before them. No enemy in my first mod had any chance against them.

They are also very easy to use as you don’t need to pay much attention to them. They can fend for themselves for prolonged times as they work quite well in Engage At Will.

One of the best infantry units in the game (from the stats).
Cavalry is easy no matter where they are or who they are.
Easy to use.
Relatively fast.

Low armour, archers are their only enemies.
Despite their better than average speed, most light units should have no problem staying at a distance from them.