Knights Santiago

Originally guards for Christian pilgrims in Spain, the Knights of Santiago are a fighting order organised along semi-monastic lines. They are reliable, excellent heavy cavalry, able to break many enemies when they charge, and are without the impetuous folly often shown by secular western knights

Type Mounted Knight Weapon Lance
Charge 8 Shield Large
Defense 5 Horse Armour Barded
Morale 8 Faction Spain, Aragon
Armour value 7 – Half Plate Cost 875
March Speed 9 Unit Size 40
Run Speed 20 Region Discount Leon
Charge Speed 22 Period All
The tech chart describes these as heavy cavalry. In order to build these you require a chapter house, which is a level two building. The only problem I have found is that you cant actually build this unit. It only appears to be available as a crusading unit. Hopefully the patch will put this right.

Santiago (St.James) the patron saint of Spain and the first christian martyr, is buried in Santiago de Compostella at the northwest tip of the Iberian peninsula.
The Apostle James was beheaded in Jerusalem in 42 A.D and legend has it that the remains were transported by his disciples to be buried here.
Stories of the discovery of the Apostle’s tomb in the 9th century brought pilgrims from around Europe, and the “Camino de Santiago” road/path/way to Santiago- soon became the most important Christian pilgrimage of the middle ages.
The Knights of Santiago were formed at first to protect the pilgrims who traveled to Compostela, then later became the Court of King Philip of Spain.