Best Games For Microgaming Casino High Rollers and Total War Fans

Without a doubt, gaming software such as Microgaming has a lot to offer. However, some of its pearls have gained a respectful popularity. The same is related to the Total War adventures. And thus, we will discover what has made them so special.

Microgaming High Limit Casinos Benefits

Microgaming high roller casinos have prepared many funs for their constant users. The collection of entertainments is huge and includes hundreds of slots, roulette, blackjack, and poker variations that will be reviewed below. The bonuses vary from the first deposit reaching up to 100% to cashback and free ones. The magnificent feature of these operators is that a player may access a favorite arcade from any place using their mobile devices as well as experience the live gambling.
MTW and Microgaming High Roller Casino Games

Online Slot Machines

The status of a whale gives a lot of pleasant proposals, including stakes with high limits. It is quite simple to snatch a big sum of money with a great selection of gifts offered by Microgaming casinos. They range from simple free spins to special bonus rounds. A gamer can try progressive, 3D, traditional, and video slots. However, the typical machines are Terminator, Game of Thrones, and the Dark Knight. The maximum wager here may reach up to $500.

Roulette for Whales

The European variant of roulette is something that Microgaming casinos are famous for. The rules of the traditional game are applied here. However, the gambler may make the screens, sounds and speed more personal, while betting simultaneously on eight spins. It is likely to bet $10 to $80 on the ordinary wheel, while $80 to $640 on eight roller wheel. Meanwhile, the immediate stakes may reach up to $800 while racetrackers allow gambling with each spin up to $1,200.


This type of card entertainments is available in single and multi-hand versions at the online establishments working on Microgaming platform. In case of the former, the house edge is the lowest, while the latter allows multiplying the chances of winning by 5. In both cases, the maximum bet possible reaches $200 however, the opportunity of getting more in multi-version is higher.


The developer launched a chain of new poker arcades, which are represented by 3 cards, high speed, and hold’em alternatives. However, the Gold series edition is the best without a doubt. All of these games have the following limits for betting $200, $200, and $50 respectively. The high speed requires getting the combinations of playing items with the biggest value in short time frames. Meanwhile, hold’em needs only two cards that match the proper amount to snatch a great sum of money.

Top Total War Games

Total War is a unique arcade of our times that takes place is different historical regions basing on RTS strategy. Every player can feel the power in their hands to take the action and conquer other nations.

Medieval I and II

The Creative Assembly and Activision released the first version of Medieval in 2002, followed by the next one in 2006.

The former arcade offers fights around the Middle East, Europe, and Northern Africa. The main historical characters of Middle Ages come to the battlefields to show their skills and techniques to combat the enemies. A gamer may control the mood of the army thus encouraging to win. The process may be run up to seven real time players on the same battlefield.

The new edition involves the fights with more than 10,000 units on the 3D locations with amazing weather graphics. Incredible features of the one-player campaign, tools that capture every movement of warriors, unique equipment, and many other things give more realistic feelings. One may have the duty to control up to 45 lands together with the main strategic cities, namely Constantinople or Jerusalem.
Games at Microgaming High Roller Casinos and MTW


It is a strategy based on a team play, which involves many actors simultaneously connected to the network. The commander selected by a participant has a power to control three armies. Combat tactics and teamwork is required here to complete the mission. The arcade does not require any pre-purchases unless the gamers have a desire to possess unique features to drive the process.


The history of this edition starts in 1701 that allows experiencing the most crucial fights in the world history. A great selection of tactics, strategies, and ammunition brings more excitement to on land or sea wars. This version has improved building techniques, diplomacy, and streamlined interface. This entertainment serves not only to have fun but to train thinking abilities. A player may progress in political, military or infrastructure tools.


The beginning of the 19th century is famous for its Napoleon’s wars. And thus, Total Wars give an impressive possibility to become a great leader and experience it again. High-quality 3D locations, adaptable interface, detailed map of the area help to grasp the intensity of the battle. In order to succeed, a commander has to conquer a number of territories and organize a revolution. These give the impression of reality in one’s eyes.