Are Live Microgaming Casinos for High Rollers and Medieval: Total War Similar?

At first, it is quite hard to believe that Microgaming high roller casinos and MTW may have some similar characteristics. However, it is a well-known case. They both provide the players with the feeling of a real-time action. Let’s analyze the process of both.

Live High Limit Casinos by Microgaming

Microgaming online staking rooms for high limits are the most trusted and reputable worldwide. They encompass more than 4 studios, a great selection of games, and exclusively selected playboy girls for the role of a dealer. Their task is based on the principles of responsible gaming and fair play.
MTW and Liive Microgaming High Roller Casinos

Roulette in Action

The live variant of so-adored roulette possesses the multiple-live-game-play option that allows getting involved in several arcades simultaneously. Casinos from the developer have been giving an opportunity to enjoy European kind since 2009. The game, however, requires charging the account prior the process starts. Also, each web establishment keeps track of the betting history of gamblers.

Baccarat with Real Croupier

The interface of the live baccarat is pretty simple. There are 3 types of betting such as Tie, Banker, and Player. A participant has to put the bet when starting the game along with others. And then the dealer gets into the action and plays with the cards to reveal the winner between a Banker and a Player.

The statistics comprising of the last played 100 hands, game percentages, and individual stats are all shown up once a big spender needs them.


The first release of the European version of live blackjack powered by Microgaming was in 2010. The rules do not differ much from the traditional arcade. A gambler has to divide two cards with the same rate and increase it by two in the first round totaling 11, 10 or 9.

There is an opportunity of not only betting from your own seat but playing the ponies behind meaning to put a stake on someone in a game to win. Moreover, the option of waiting list is a great opportunity to get the notification about the vacant spot in the wanted game.


Live poker is one of the recent entertainments and it has already brought a lot of exciting surprises. A high roller has to put a bet within a few second to get an opportunity to compete for the prize. The first three cards are usually put in the center for you in order to find the best winning options.

Once the croupier reveals the items, they are compared to the player’s ones and the winner receives not only the Ante bet but also the double they made.

Medieval Real-time Battles

The Medieval Battle operates on the 3D technology that creates the perception of the real-time wars involving approximately 10,000 troops combating each other. It combines the tactics and strategies of warfare used in those time.

A gamer may experience both custom and historical wars while competing with other participants in real time. It is likely to control the whole army with only a few buttons and shortcuts on the keyboard. Below we will give hints on how to win the battles.
MTW Battles and Microgaming Live High Stake Casinos

Before A Fight

It is crucial to get insights of the major characters. The first is an attacker that gives you more flexibility, and the second is a defender that has to adjust to the conditions provided.

The former gets the weather forecast, which allows choosing the right time to invade, while the later has the possibility to change the position of army units in the location of battle. The camera is as adaptable as you are. It moves to all the directions and sides to give you the best view on the battlefield.

Art of Commands

Once you have learned the main characters, you can proceed with building up your warfare strategy. There are six main commands.

  • Alternate attacks include the alternative of both missile and hand-to-hand combat.
  • Withdrawing from combat may be used during the action to stop fighting before the enemy is broken.
  • Route marches and waypoints allow modifying the way of troops to the target location.
  • Selecting multiple units gives a chance to manage a few troops simultaneously.
  • Grouping helps to organize several units together as one.
  • Group formations allow combining the best warriors in one unit to hide the weaknesses of the initial unit as the whole.