Loyalty Program Notion for Microgaming Casino High Roller and MTW

It might seem unreal to compare two types of totally different entertainments like MTW and Microgaming casinos for high rollers. However, loyalty programs are something that unites them. The loyal attitude brings a lot of benefits. Here we will have a look at the main profits and ways to receive them.

Microgaming Casino Loyalty Clubs for High Limits

The process of becoming a high rolling player is quite simple in case you are ready to bet high. And in order to promote such a favorable status, online establishments encourage their clients to play more with additional gifts. Here is what every whale might receive.
Microgaming High Roller Casinos Loyalty Programs

Unique Games and Bonuses

A whole new world opens for those who gamble with big stakes. And the opportunities at Microgaming casinos include not only a variety of magnificent games (fruit machines, poker, traditional card and table arcades, specialties) but also attractive gifts and increased betting limits. The selection of presents comprises traditional ones such as welcome, deposit, match, free spins and so on.

However, the unique is a reload bonus that may recharge a player’s account up to 150%. Progressive jackpots are also available for high rollers. Some online establishments extend their limits up to $10,000 for a round.

Milder Wagering

Needless to say that requirements to cash out the prizes for whales are more beneficial than for ordinary users. Clients playing with big stakes may withdraw a sum varying from $500 to $10,000 a day. The conditions though change from place to place as well as depend on the transaction process that may have its own limits.

Comp Points

This is definitely one of the benefits that makes the gaming process even more exciting. A player can simply earn extra points for gambling or daily visiting. Each stake that they wager brings the chance to get a certain number of points. The equivalent may be $5 for one, for example. Later on, this virtual scores can be turned into real money, tournament invitations, etc. The rules depend on the online house policies.

Personal Management Assistant

Once you get the status of a high rolling player at a Microgaming casino, it assigns to you a member of a support team who is there for you 24 hours a day to deliver the best services. With such an assistant it gets easier to track the cash flow and solve the issues regarding the casino requirement whenever they occur.

Level Structure of VIP Programs

The programs for big spenders vary a lot and depend on gambling establishments. Usually, they have three stages. The simplest version or a loyalty scheme is about the rewarding points a client for their stakes. The middle level, referred to a tiered plan, extends the benefits for more money spent. The top level or crème de la crème modifies the benefits to the important high rolling players’ expectations.

Loyalty and Revolts in Medieval: Total War

Loyalty levels are also important if you are playing Medieval: Total War. In this game, they are closely connected to citizens of your empire or contry. Despite all the types of governors, the power always belongs to people. In case the ruler is impartial and strong, he/she gets the favor of their citizens. However, the slightest sign of weakness or extreme cruelty towards the nation may turn them into the opposite direction and cause revolts.

Provincial Devotion Ratings

The containment of citizens with their governor may be found in the Parchment section for an interested region. In case the percentage of loyalty is lower than 100, then a rebel is likely to happen in the province. The same goes for colors: green stands for a favorable situation, yellow for a partial disloyalty, and red for a high chance of a revolt.
MTW and Microgaming High Roller Casinos with Loyalty Schemes

Changing Factors

The causes of people’s satisfaction/dissatisfaction with statehood may be as follows:

  • good or bad harvest that depends on the environment,
  • changing of tax rates,
  • level of authority of the ruler,
  • occupying corps that help to calm down the population,
  • spies that cause the troubles among citizens and thus encourage revolts,
  • distance to the leader of the party,
  • environmental catastrophes,
  • watchtowers allow seeing the society inside out,
  • religion that may not match the one of your state,
  • and favoring the previous governors.

Revolts Types

Revolts are dangerous due to the domino principle. Once it starts in one region, it may spread to the others. The various kinds of rebels bring different types of corps.

  • Farmers uprising might be huge but not very powerful.
  • Loyalist uprising is in favor of the previous governor, thus might be quite effective with a good army.
  • Muslim Rebels primarily consist of farmers but are quite tough to be conquered.
  • Catholic Rebellion is usually led by knights and noble men.
  • Orthodox uprising comprises special Orthodox troops and farmers.
  • Heretics might be joined by religious fanatics that would increase the fighting skills of the army.
  • Gangsters usually possess good ammunition and do not have farmers in most cases.