Play 3 Reel Pokies Games in Free Mode

Are you in love with everything classic, simple and elegant? You can satisfy your preferences even in the field of casino entertainment. Three reel pokies is the golden standard of slots, from which other types evolved. Casinos still have an audience who likes such kind of free pokies online, so there are also different modes. Money betting and playing absolutely free are both available. If you hesitate to put money in risk, try   to familiarize yourself with a gameplay.

Three-Reel Pokies

Pokies Machines Playing Structure

The structure of slots has been changing over the years and now you can come across so many different types of them. Traditional reel spinning machine has 3 reels, which limits staking options, but at the same time it is much safer, because of low bets. So you won’t be able to lose or win much money. It is more about enjoying the game, but not grasping millions of dollars. Simple design and few paylines make it easier to collect winning combination. It is ideal type for newcomers.

3-reel Pokies without money

1 Payline

Single payline games are usually introduced in three–reel slots, it means that one and only line of spinning symbols will make you richer. Despite it seems not very promising and optimistic, still you can win up to 500 times more of your bet. Many Internet casinos offer such games including BundleJungle (Microgaming), Diamond Dazzle Slots (Rival Gaming), Funky Monkey Slots (Playtech) and more.

3 Winning Lines

As a single payline may seem a little bit too poor for the gameplay both to customers and developers, it is no wonder that 3 winning lines are more preferable. The chances of getting some reward is higher and there may be different kinds of them, which is more exciting. There are free pokies structured this way like Bills and Teds Excellent Adventure, Heavy Meta – both by Microgaming.

5 Winning Ways

3 – reel spinning machines with 5 paylines provides much more staking options. So the chances of your bets being successful are way much higher. You can choose to wager on any, some or all of them, just rely on your insight. Jackpot 2000 by Betsoft, ROCK’N’ROLLER by Playtech, Lucky Hot by EGT are good examples of these variety of slots.

Classic Pokies Bonus Games

Classic Pokie for Free

Classic free pokies like three rolling slots have few bonus offers except paylines, but still you can be pleasantly surprised. In the game Wheel of chances by WGT you’ll get extra cash or free spins of the wheel if a bonus symbol appears in one if the paylines. And in Wheel of Wealth by Microgaming there is a feature activating bonus game themed like Wheel of Fortune.