Play Free 5 Reel Pokies Machines

Web gambling houses offer a huge range of free pokies, which vary in types and structures and themes. Well known kind of free pokies slots is a pokie consisting of 5 reels (there can be also from 3 to 9). It is well spread among popular games to use exactly this structure, because number of playing symbols is not small and at the same time it’s not confusingly big. So 5 reel spinning machines is a perfect option for every player. By the way, there are so many such games that are free to play! Just enjoy your time entertaining and gambling, no money is needed.

More ways to win

There are some advantages of 5 reel slots that should be considered while choosing the game. First of all, the biggest plus is that winning combinations have grown in numbers compared to 3 reel free pokies. So there are so much more chances to get some kind of prize, as possible ways of collecting right symbols is bigger with 5 reels. There is also a bigger amount of paylines that are usually used in this kind of pokie, what makes the game even more appealing.

Five Reels for Free

Game Features

All slots share some similar features about which you should know to be a better player. Every pokie consists of several spinning vertical lines (reels) with sets of different signs. These signs may be divided into several groups (although each game may have its special ones).

Themed: cards, fruit-like, animals, letters, etc.

Award purposed: bonus, scatter and wild symbols.

Scatter ones are used for triggering bonus rewards or payouts – just collect a required number of them. Wild symbols may serve for different purposes but the common one is helping to complete a winning combination (wild sign becomes the one you need in the row), some of them increase the amount of payouts by multiplying the prize. Bonus symbols help to trigger a special bonus game, however it differs from one spinning gambling machine to another how exactly it works.

5 Reel Pokies Free

3D Graphic Slots with Five Reels

As technologies don’t stop developing, 3d graphics is implemented in many spheres. Nowadays a lot of staking amusements are made like a piece of art with mindblowing picture quality and animations. This newest type of slots is better than just video ones, because everything looks a lot more realistic. If you like to play not only with comfort, thrill but also with visually delightful images you should definitely try 5 reel slots with 3D graphic such as Dragon’s Fire by WMS, Lord of Ocean by Novomatic and even Spiderman by Playtech.