Play Progressive Jackpot Pokies Online

The main charm of gambling is the possibility of becoming richer in one moment. And among all the different kinds of this entertainment, there is one which tends to bring the unbelievable profit. Progressive jackpot can reach millions of dollars, so when you come across one, don’t stop yourself from checking out your luck. Just one try in such online pokies can change your lifestyle.

Types of Progressives

If you are interested in something, endeavor to be an expert in it. For this you should not miss useful information especially regarding money. It is more serious than free pokies. Be educated about what kinds of such big rewards are there. The first type is stand alone, other is called proprietary (in-house) and the last one is wide area. Each kind has its own different features and peculiarities. Decide what is the most preferable and useful for you and leave free pokies to play for real.

Jackpot Pokies

Stand Alone Jackpot Pokies

Such type of award has no other connections to any different reel spinning machines, it is a separate slot with a fixed jackpot. Some percentage is given away from each played coin into the possible winning balance, which is shown as a prize that could be won, if you had that lucky combination of signs on the reels. However, it may seem to be a rare kind and it doesn’t offer huge amount of cash.

Pokies with Progressive Jackpot

Connected to Other Machines

Other types have some coherence with several different pokies inside one online house or it may even be a combination of slots from different casinos. While being connected to each other, the winning sum grows pretty fast, so the longer it stays untouched, the more terrific it becomes and can gain the multimillionaire level. But of course you should be expecting very low chances of taking it, however in-house connected pokies share also substantial money prizes (but not the highest) and has more winning rates for thrill seekers than wide area progressives.

Progressives in Pokies

Payout Rates

When you choose to gamble in entertainments with increasing jackpot, you also should be ready to be more patient or have bigger cash limit, because the payout rates in any type of these slots are much decreased compared to usual ones. There is a simple and logical explanation – millions of dollars can’t be won too often, so payouts should be calculated fairly depending on how big the reward is and how large stake you have made. Most betting rooms require to place the max wager to be able to hit the jackpot.

Progressive Pokies

Bonus rounds

Games with progressives sometimes have also features that may increase your profits by providing bonus rounds. Special symbols may trigger an extra free pokies game, which will result in doubling or tripling of your winnings (leaving behind the jackpot of course). All players would like to have an opportunity for hitting such round, because it will make the gambling amusement more interesting while waiting for JP.