The Age of Disaster – Late 13th Early 14th Century

The stresses between Andalusians and North Africans were exacerbated by catastrophic defeats during the 13th centru. The two Muslim peoples also already differed considerably in culture and military styles, the Andalusians having copied the heavy cavlay and armoured infantry of their Christian foes.

Andalusian cavalryman – late 13th century

This downed horseman represents the Islamic Andalusians military elites adoption of Iberian Cht#ristian militiary styles. His full mail hauberk, integral mail mittens, heavy lance, heavy shield hung from a guide, deep saddle with very raised pommel and wrap-around cantle made him very different from the cavalry seen in other parts of the Islamic world.

Andalusian heavy infantry, 113th century

A similar emphasis on full protection at the expense of agility is seen in this heavily armoured footsoldier, wearing a short scale defence over a mail hauberk which probably extends beneath his kilt or skirt.