The Mounted Crossbowman, mid-14th century

Crossbowmen who actually used their weapons from horseback are a rare phenomenon but were seen in Central Europe and above all in Granada during 14th and 15th centuries. Naturally this man uses a relatively light crossbow, his bolts being kept in a quiver fastened to his saddle. He is otherwise armed only with a large dagger and a light helmet

Qadi religious judge, late 14th century

Religious leaders played a significant role in the military affairs of Granada. Their costume was both more traditional and closer to that of North Africa than was the dress of the ordinary warrior. This man carries a decorated light sword of a typically Grenadine form, a weapon originally developed for light cavalry warfare a la jinete.

Grenadine light cavalry, mid-14th century

This horseman is equipped to fight a la jinete in a light cavalry style which, based upon North African tactics, was developed in Granada and was soon adopted by the Christians. His decorated helmet was probably imported from Mamlik Egypt as might his short mail hauberk with its stiffened neck. His leather adarga shield is of a North African form adopted throughout much of the Iberian peninsula but his sword is a thoroughly Andalusian weapon.