Even during the 15th century Granada’s highly motivated army often proved capable of destroying Christian raiders in the rugged mountians which surrounded the Grandadan heartlands of the fertile Vega.

Granadan officer – late 15th century

This man, shown holding his horse, is based upon a number of figures on a series of Portugueses painted alter panels, some with the ‘Arabised’ costume worn in the south of the country, while one helmeted and bearded figure may actually be a Moor.

Granadan infantry crossbowman – late 15th century.

Here a crosbowman aims a weapon which has features that can be traced back to the late Roman crossbow. His dagger is of the ‘ear’ form used on both sides of the religious frontier, while the large wooden mantlet may have been a distinctive 15th century Grandadan type.

Granadan armoured cavalryman – mid 15th century

This figure is based upon engravingsd made by a German artist who spent some time in Spain, where he seems to have made a large number of sketches from life. These show light armour entirely covered in decorative fabric. Whether Moorish cavalry actually used a daggers of the so-called ‘ballock form’ is more doubtful.