Microgaming High Roller Casinos and Medieval: Total War in Multiplayer Mode

Players love gambling for an exciting atmosphere and there is nothing better for them than to participate in various competitions. Due to modern technologies and multiplayer modes that are widely used both in Microgaming casinos for high limits and Medieval: Total War, it becomes easy to join such contests. In our guide, we share all tips and tricks that will allow you to become an ultimate champion.

Benefits of Multiplayer Mode for Microgaming High Stake Casinos

This feature enables a few players to compete with each other in a real time, as well as to chat and communicate in the separate game room. You can personalize your profile by updating a unique avatar or choosing a distinctive name.

Tournaments are also organized via this platform. A winner is determined by the number of tokens he/she has at the end of the game. Additional services, such as currency support and a high-quality management, are open for a group of players as well.
Multiplayer MTW and Microgaming High Limit Casinos

Available Platforms

Gamblers can try out all benefits of multiplayer arcades on three platforms: Flash, Download, and Quickfire. Casinos that utilize Flash can be accessed from your web-browser without any extra preparation. Downloadable online hoses, however, require you to install a special program. Quickfire is a relatively new option, which presents games as standalone solutions. You can reach them in a much higher pace on multiple devices.

Entertainments on Offer

Microgaming has a lot of different entertainment options that include both high limit and regular funs. We can distinguish table and card games, slots, and many specialties. They may come with some variations, for example, with live dealers or with a progressive jackpot. All amusements present an awesome quality of sound and graphics.


Slots in a multiplayer mode do not differ much from the usual ones in terms of rules and a gameplay, except you get an opportunity to compete with other risk lovers. Moreover, many casinos offer an exclusive community bonus round, which can help you to gain some experience and create a strategy before the actual game starts. The most popular offers are Wheel of Wealth, Avalon, and Isis.

At a Virtual Table

Roulette Diamond Edition is an example of a table game that combines the atmosphere of a land-based casino with the convenience of gambling online. It was introduced in 2008 for the first time and became very popular right away.

Premier Roulette combines European and American styles and features numbers from 1 to 36 in 6 different colors. The rules stayed the same: you just have to place your bet and wait till the wheel spins.

All high limit games with live dealers also feature a multiplayer mode. Microgaming used the most recent technologies to create amusements, where croupier’s actions are broadcasted to players’ computers in the real time.
MTW and Microgaming High Roller Casinos with Multiplayer

Medieval: Total War with Competitors

Medieval: Total War was created in 2002 by the famous game developer – Creative Assembly. The main goal was to introduce the new kind of entertainment that would combine some history and innovative technologies.

You get to create your own army and use it either in casual battles, or exciting tournaments. This strategy is an excellent source of fun for people, who enjoy exploring past times and want to fight against evil forces on the realistic battlefield.

LAN Games

Medieval: Total War utilizes Local Area Network to allow a group of people (up to 8) to compete with each other. In order to start playing, you will need a PC linked by a TCP/IP compliant network and an installed program. If you want to host a competition or simply join, just click on the LAN Game and choose a suitable option in the selection screen.

Multiplayer Lobby

You can choose playable factions, an army’s name, and a role, either of an attacker or a defender, in the Multiplayer Lobby. You also get a chance to communicate with other players. When all participants have made their decisions, you must click ‘Accept’ to start the process. You may quit any moment you’d like by pressing ‘Exit’ button.