Top Video Games: Microgaming High Roller Casinos and Medieval: Total War

The history of the first game using an electronic device goes back to 1947. However, the first video game with a black and white screen was released to the public in 1971. Following the success of the most popular fun of those times, Space Invaders, the industry got a new breath and extended the locations for the action.

And luckily, nowadays we do not need to use the old tools to enjoy the favorite arcades. Let’s see what innovations brought the technological process to Microgaming high limit casinos and MTW.

Outstanding Features of Video Games

Video funs are quite convenient in use as they are adjusted to various electronic platforms, including the web and mobile versions, and home consoles with the proper equipment to create the feeling of a real time action. Sound effects, footsteps behind, echoed shootings, and vibration effects that transmit the feeling of adrenaline make it all possible. These gaming systems possess a lot of different accessories from gamepads to touchscreens.
MTW and Microgaming High Limit Casinos - Video Games

Microgaming High Roller Casinos

The company is the prominent software developer in the sphere of the online gambling industry. It started its way in 1994. Currently, Microgaming casinos encompass more than 850 entertainments with 1200+ variations that make them the most trusted operators.

The range of amusements varies from the traditional set, namely poker, roulette, baccarat to highlights of the year featuring the up to date trends. A pleasant surprise for gamers willing to bet high is the possibility to enjoy video entertainments.

Video Poker

The functioning and the main work principle here is based on the RNG or random number generator. That is the tool to ensure the fairness of the gaming process by shuffling the cards without a specific order or strategy. Microgaming high roller casinos have introduced this technology a decade ago and thus attract even more visitors to their collections. Furthermore, a player may observe the whole table that gives more confidence about the smoothness of poker.

Deuces Wild

This is truly one of the most popular arcades among the whales. And the secret is that the percentage of its payout reaches 99.37%. Moreover, in case a gamer manages to get the needed combination for winning, they can claim for the extra payouts. The unique peculiarity of Deuces Wild is that it has two wild cards.

Aces and Face

The highlight of this variation of the arcade is that it possesses quite beneficial options for the high-rolling gamblers. It has the lowest house edge with the highest payout rate. The latter can be up to 99.26%. The aim of the player here is to collect four aces or faces.

Jacks or Better

Even though Jacks or Better is based on its father, video poker, it became so trusted that has got its own variations. The outlet is pretty much the same as in the original version, however, the payout reaches the best limit of 99.14%

Microgaming Video Slots for High Limits

Gambling houses from the developer do not stop pleasing their clients with new releases. The selection of slot machines reaches 300 including download and flash versions. They offer the highest betting limits among the other brands. There is a great potential for online whales to win a fortune with video, classic, and progressive slot machines or participate in tournaments. Here you’ll find the top video slots for big spenders.
Video Games at Microgaming High Roller Casinos


This is a 5-reel machine with a western motive. Three cowboys are ready to shoot a gun whenever the need comes, however, in return they expect to receive as high payouts as possible. The bet limit is $500. A gamer may be lucky to get some free spins: in case 3 or more carriages get on the reels.

Gung Pow

And here is another 5 reel arcade providing its high rollers with about 243 options to snatch a big sum of money. The theme is made according to Chinese motives and surrounds users with lucky coins and special decorations to bring the feeling of a big winning. It is possible to double the price when getting the right color of the card. The betting limit is similar to the previous game and it is $500 and the minimum and maximum values of the coin are $0.01 and $1, respectively.

Lucky Firecracker

This Chinese oriented video slot machine provides gamers with quite huge payouts. For that, they need to get the Chinese coin and logo together in one combination. Once the combination of three coins appears on the screen, 15 spins are granted for free. A high rolling player can get the jackpot of coins amounting 90,000 by only using these granted spins. The feature of doubling the winning with the right color is also present in this arcade.

Medieval: Total War

2002 was the year when the world saw the improved version of the unique real-time strategic video arcade of Total Wars. It allows the players to feel themselves in the shoes of emperors and build their empires throughout the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa of 11th – 15th centuries. Here is a strategy combined with tactics to coordinate the military troops and conquer towns on the battlefields featured in 3D.