Winning Strategies at Medieval: Total War and Online Casino

strategies in mtw and online casinoA strategy is always a key factor of winning. Thus, prior to commencing any activity, it is crucial to plan the strategy in details. Otherwise, the situation may be out of a control and take a direction that you tried to avoid.

Moreover, the accurate planning is important in a real life and in different entertainments. Concerning amusements, it covers every product from computer turn-based games to gambling (different table ones).

Medieval: Total War – Way to Win

This amusement concerns the times, when Europe, North Africa and Asia were fighting for the territory. And a player can change the history by himself. Nevertheless, this game is actually composed of two parts: strategic and a tactical one (plus combinations of those two).


The beauty of MTW is that it easily switches from a turn-based mode (step-by-step), where a system automatically generates the results of all your activities and the outcome of the fight, taking into account an army, a land, fortune level and skills, to a real-time one. The last describes possibilities to play non-stop against other real people.

Tactical Nuances

mtw and casino strategies and tacticsYour warriors are an easy target if the relevant tactic is not chosen. It helps to organize soldiers, to prepare for an attack or defense, to get less damage and to win the fight.

For instance, spearmen should be in one line, archers should stand higher, etc. Moreover, you can hide troops among the trees and made them visible again at a right time. The same implies for gambling, when the hidden card can be revealed unexpectedly.

Online Casino – How to Win

Generally, success in online casino entertainments depends on player’s specific knowledge and experience. First of all, learn which strategies are the most suitable for a particular game and try to refine on using them. For a winning, you need to combine some good methods and a smart tactic. Play systematically and consciously in order to improve your confidence as a player and to develop acquired technics.

Common Tactics

  • Some online casinos give bonuses to new or constant players. If there is such a possibility – use it!
  • It’s important to make breaks during the game and to refresh your mind. Pauses help you to cool off and decide whether you’re ready to continue playing.
  • In advance think over the sum of money you can spend during a gaming session, and stick to that plan. Make only those bets, which would not cause immense harm to your budget, if you lose.
  • Be sure that a winning is always a matter of luck, so keep your mind clear. Never allow your ardor to get over your prudence.

Games Strategies

The main difference between card games and games of luck is that in the first ones all player’s decisions influence the gaming session. The result of the second ones is impossible to predict, because it depends on pure coincidence and chance.

Any game has some technics, which require player’s practicing and improvement. For example, card games strategies include memorizing of the cards, keeping higher trumps and so on. Games of luck tactics are connected mostly with prediction and anticipation.

Card Games

best tactics to play online casino and medieval total warCard counting is extremely important in blackjack games. A useful advice – a player should increase a bet when there are a lot of king, queen and jack cards in a deck and vice versa.

Baccarat is an unpredictable game, but it is better to bet on “Banker” until it loses. Also, the worst stake is “Tie”. Strategy in poker describes the most suitable player’s behaviors at the table, his activities and decisions taken. It considers many factors, such as a stack limit, the quantity of opponents, their and your skills, etc.

Games of Luck

Playing a game of luck, such as slots or roulette, a gambler decides about the sum of his/her bet. Prefer slots with fixed maximum payout and games with a smaller jackpot, then you’ll have more odds to win. Roulette players should be aware of such 5 strategies as the martingale, the reverse martingale, the D’Alembert, the Fibonacci, and the James Bond strategy. Single out your favorite one and practice it till great results.